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Garden Wedding, Lahore



She Says

We met in university as teenagers - I don’t remember meeting Osama for the first time. He claims I was carrying a ‘make-up box’ when I first met him. He found it strange. This is not settled to date.

We properly met and got to know each other at Bangkok’s Airport during a 7 hour flight transit. Watched Motorcycle Diaries on our laptops - spoke about travel and feminism - took turns napping so that our laptops are not stolen. We were really fresh off the boat. That transit turned into a friendship that was based on frankness, Osama’s “gourmet” instant noodles (he puts leeks and cheese in them) and my on-campus waffle shop.

Soon enough we started dating. It has been eight years since. We have been through long distance and a tumultuous time along our journey but surely it has been worth it. Osama is my ultimate companion, I love him to bits - looking forward to what’s ahead.

Our bond was supported by most of our friends so it’ll mean a lot if you come down and celebrate it with us!

He Says

I’m actually quite excited that some of our closest friends and family are going to be there to celebrate the start of this journey. I hope not a lot of it is new, we’ve got a pretty good gig going and I like what we’re building.

When Aneeqa and I met, we hit off a pretty great friendship. That turned into something romantic and continues till today. We’ve had endless conversations about the cosmos, religion, start-ups and what to have for dinner :) but what’s really exciting is over the years we’ve grown stronger and laughed a lot together.

It’s a long way from where we started off as near hippies fiddling with our phones and laughing at mundane things. We still laugh at mundane things, I hope that doesn’t change. But it’s fun, we’re curious about lots of things, we know each others idiosyncracies and can be passionate about pretty unusual things (fridges, these days). And also it’s reassuring we’re pretty solid through the good episodes and bad.

They say your friends are your family you get to choose, so the opportunity to share our joy, our past, present and glimpse of the future with you means a lot.

Hope to see you there in the best dress I’ll ever put on.